Seeking Heart - The Book

The book is now available for purchase from magcloud.  I am having trouble adding a link to this page though. 

Thank you so much to my generous backers, who encouraged me to stick to my deadline by pre-purchasing the book~


• Bruce Fisher

• Diane

• My Awesome Cousin Janet

• Jeff Avella

• Claire and Tammy

• TC

• Dave Bensen

• Patrick Tetreault

• Krista Ann of  Tango Skills in San Diego

• Uncle Dan And Aunt Lynette

• Susan Moyer

• Linda Phillips

•Tomas McGreevy

•Dor Dotson

• N. Onymous

• Leslie Bouchard

• Tony Moramarco

• DJae Amidon-Brent

• Sarah Rippy

• Brenden and Traci Sparks

• Krista Wrista

• Jeff Waddleton

• Sarah Ozolins

• Steve Cotter

• Joe Gillaspie

• James D. Newman

• Haley B.

• Daniel Coleman

• Nicole

• Tiffany and Elijah Miller

• Gene from St. Louis

• Rebecca Frey

• Sean McDevitt, American Author

• Rando

And my Uncle Erny.